Hazi Abu Solaiman
President, Bangladesh Adhesive Manufacturer’s Association (BAMA)

I am very glad that “BAMA-FOCUS” magazine is going to publish its 5th edition on the occasion of 8th AGM-2016 of Bangladesh Adhesive Manufacturer’s Association (BAMA).
We have passed 11 years facing many obstacles and obligations. We’re all committed to protecting any evils hands with our unity, integrity, and transparency. BAMA is the light-house of this progressive and positive industrial sector.
This sector will be pioneer and able to lead our development economy- In-Sha-Allah.
We are all grateful to BAMA Secretary General Mr. Atiqul Islam Bashir and Vice President Mr. Md. Salauddin Khan (Magazine Edition) who has published BAMA-FOCUS with their hard labor, experience, and integrity.
I congratulate my BAMA’s leader, members, publication-related alls, best wishers and media persons.

Atiqul Islam
Secretary General, Bangladesh Adhesive Manufacture’s Association

I am bravely bestowing that Bangladesh Adhesive Manufacturer’s Association (BAMA) I now standing on basic point for assigning its status in business forum in Bangladesh. There is no doubt that, with the necessaries data and information based a colors magazine “BAMA FOCUS” Vol-5, the publication of BAMA is now our pride & prestige.

In the global village of information and technology, human being has achieved much incredible success. In the age of technology, the “BAMA-FOCUS” magazine publication introduces a progressive significant attitude of our association. I am very happy and delighted that, BAMA IS going continuously to publish its magazine.

Being the General of BAMA, I congratulate the Editor, publication related all who oriented the magazine giving the message, writing, advertisements of their concern.

Especially, I congratulate and address Mr. Micheal Yang the Vice President and Secretary General of China Adhesive and Tape Industry Association (CATIA) and China BlueStar International Chemical Co. for their contributions. I hope that in future, these contributions shall be continued. I thank the guests, best wished, local and abroad.

In the rest of all, further I congratulate Mr. Salauddin Khan who is the Editor of BAMA-FOCUS for his incredible contributions in spite of the eagerness; He will continue the publication of BAMA-FOCUS magazine with his meritorious enthusiasm, sincere and efficiency in future.

Michael Yang
Michael Yang, Vice President & Secretary General CATIA

I warmly congratulate Bangladesh Adhesive Manufacturer’s Association (BAMA) on its 8th Annual General Meeting-2017 dated on 4th November 2017 as well as its publication of FOCUS magazine.

For more than one decade, BAMA has successfully united its member companies and done its utmost to expand the adhesive knowledge within the Bangladesh industry. Adhesive products have become more and more important and acceptable in people’s daily life. BAMA has committed to lead its members developing international communication and contributing to the industry upgrading. Their activities are highly appreciated.

We are also happy to invite BAMA to take part in the 6th Conference of Asia Regional Adhesive Council (ARAC), which will be held in Shanghai, China from September 17-19, 2018. ARAC is a regional, professional organization consisting of China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan adhesive association. We al welcome BAMA join this family and could strengthen communication and cooperation among each other on the common interested issue.

I wish BAMA every success in future.

Liang Hongrui
Liang Hongrui, Import & Export Business Manager China Bluestar international Chemical Co. Ltd.

To Bangladesh Adhesive Manufacturer Association:

In honor of the BAMA 11th foundation anniversary and 8th Annual General meeting in 2016, China Bluestar wishes to have our most sincere congratulation for this special gathering!

We are pleased to see that over the past year, our cooperation with BAMA has successfully expanded our products in the Bangladesh market and enhanced our position. We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation and respect for the great support and assistance which BAMA has provided in facilitating the entry of the Bangladesh market for our products.

We sincerely wish BAMA and its members had a prosperous year ahead! We are looking forward to continuing and strengthen our partnership and cooperation in future.

Steven Liang
Steven Liang, CEO/President of Wealth Ocean In.

To Bangladesh Adhesive Manufacturer’s Association (BAMA).

Wealth Ocean specially congratulates BAMA on the celebration of the 11th Anniversary opening of the annual conference!

Though the past year our company cooperation and hard work with BAMA, we have successfully expanded our rubber products in Bangladesh market share and level up the influence. It is inseparable that BAMA spare no effort to support us. We would like to express our warmest regards and thankfulness to BAMA.

We wish BAMA all the best of luck and success as it continuous to grow and develop. We hope to continue gaining BAMA’s support and grow will BAMA mutually!

Steven Liang


Wealth Ocean In.