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About Our Association

Bangladesh Adhesive Manufacturer’s Association (BAMA) originated in 2009 to support the adhesives industry in Bangladesh. The founding members, along with many other important personnel of the industry felt the urge to set up an organization that would, from a neutral perspective, look after the larger interests of the industry. For many years now, BAMA has been acting as the voice of the adhesive manufacturers in Bangladesh.


Transparency & Accuracy

Bangladesh Adhesive Manufacture’s Association (BAMA) ensures absolute transparency and accuracy in every field.


BAMA is very responsible for every work that they execute.


BAMA is held accountable to its associations for every action, promise and behavior.


Honesty is the best of policy’. At BAMA, we all always cultivate the great motto in every of our work.

Probity and Integrity

Our probity and integrity are beyond question.

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Unity makes Strength

To make unity and provide all the members of BAMA Consortium.

Economic Growth

To play a good role in our Economy.

Countrywide Support

To provide our needs all over the country and excess for export.

Quality Products

To achieve a good price for making better quality Finished Goods, Adhesives.

Avoid Foreign Products

To protect the foreign imported Finished goods, adhesives.

International Standard Industry

To build up our Adhesive Industries as an international standard.

The consortium is formed for the better mind of BAMA members for easy of all imported Raw Materials for Adhesive manufacturing international standard in Bangladesh.

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